Oct 2, 2014

Closing soon: Minneapolis DiSC certification (Oct. 28-29)

Only a few more days to register for the next DiSC train-the-trainer certification: Oct. 28-29 in Minneapolis.

Future certifications include New York (Oct. 29-30), Atlanta (Nov. 11-12), San Francisco (Nov. 18-19), and Minneapolis (Dec. 9-10). To register for Minneapolis or another certification, see our DiSC certification calendar.

Aug 13, 2014

Leadership Challenge beta test: the final stretch

Want to participate in the Leadership Challenge LPI beta test? There's still time - but you need to hurry! We're trying to collect all feedback by Friday, September 5, which is barely three weeks away.

If you haven't yet scheduled your Leadership Challenge workshop, there's no time to dawdle. Give us a call at 515.278.1292, or drop us a line, and we'll help you get organized.

Aug 11, 2014

Why Do You Take Personality Tests?

NBC has a fluff piece on personality testing. It's a surprisingly respectable taxonomy, actually, despite the overall clickbait vibe. A piece of brain candy at the end of the day.

New DiSC certifications: Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle

We recently added several new cities to our DiSC certification calendar. The autumn training calendar now includes:

  • Sept. 16-17: Minneapolis
  • Oct. 6-7: Dallas
  • Oct. 15-16: Seattle
  • Oct. 28-29: Minneapolis
  • Oct. 29-30: New York
  • Nov. 11-12: Atlanta
  • Nov. 18-19: San Francisco
  • Dec. 9-10: Minneapolis

For further details, or to register, see our DiSC certification page. Registration includes more than $1400 in DiSC training materials, including an EPIC account, the facilitation kit of your choice, and several individual and group DiSC reports.

Aug 7, 2014

New Translation: DiSC Workplace in French

Exciting news: the DiSC Workplace profile is now available in French!

The French DiSC Workplace profile is a welcome addition to our Everything DiSC family. Also available are French comparison reports, a French facilitation kit, and various brochures and reports.

This brings the Workplace translation tally to eight languages: Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. If you'd like to have DiSC Workplace in French (or, for that matter, any other language), give us a call at 515.278.1292 and we'll add it to your EPIC account.

Aug 4, 2014

New beta test: the Leadership Challenge

Want to beta test a new assessment for Kouzes and Posner's Leadership Challenge? Let us know!

The next-generation Leadership Challenge LPI is currently in beta. We'd like to invite our EPIC users to play around with the profile and let us know what you think. As a pre-release product, the Leadership Challenge assessment available at no cost; we simply want your feedback.

Email us or call 515.278.1202, and we'll add the Leadership Challenge assessment to your EPIC account. 

Jul 30, 2014

DiSC Workplace Online Specialization

The brand-new DiSC Workplace Online Specialization is here!

The Online Specialization program is DiSC certification with a twist: a hybrid classroom/online certification. The course is designed for DiSC practitioners who want the camaraderie of live, classroom training plus the convenience and flexibility of online learning.

The course is taught as a single cohort of 20 participants. The cohort meets four times in an online classroom for weekly, 90-minute classes. These classes are live, instructor-led workshops with small-group breakout sessions, so attendance is mandatory. The instructor will assign individual pre-work and post-work for each workshop, which the participant completes at his/her convenience. The total time commitment is 12-20 hours over the course of four weeks.

Registration includes a wealth of DiSC training materials: a DiSC Workplace facilitation kit, an EPIC account, and DiSC Workplace profile.

 The inaugural Workplace Specialization course begins on September 8. To register, or for course dates and other information, see our DiSC Online Specialization page.

Jul 25, 2014

Last chance: DiSC certification in San Diego (August 6-7)

Friendly reminder: today is the last day to register for our upcoming DiSC certification in San Diego, August 6-7.

Certification is an optional credential for trainers and consultants who want to fully immerse themselves in the theory and application of DiSC. The two-day certification program provides a rich, in-depth learning experience. DiSC certification also includes a DiSC facilitator kit (with official PowerPoint slides, video clips, scripted leader's guide, suggested exercises, handouts, and more), an EPIC account for administering a DiSC training program, and several individual and group DiSC assessments and reports.

Other upcoming certifications include:
  • Sept. 16-17 (Minneapolis)
  • Oct. 6-7 (Dallas)
  • Oct. 28-29 (Minneapolis)

See our complete DiSC certification schedule for all dates and locations

Jul 8, 2014

Closing soon: DiSC certification in Chicago (July 23-24)

Friendly reminder: our upcoming DiSC certification in Chicago is just around the corner. Registration closes this Friday, July 11, and the course dates are July 23-24.

During this two-day program, participants will learn to speak DiSC fluently and will become fully comfortable in delivering DiSC workshops. Furthermore, registration includes more than $1200 in training materials: a free DiSC facilitation kit, a free EPIC account, and a free DiSC Workplace profile.

See our classroom certification page for other certification dates and locations.

Jun 24, 2014

Updated DiSC Sales profile

Great news - the updated DiSC Sales profile is here! The new version has been updated with adaptive testing, an advanced scoring algorithm that is more robust and precise than ever.

Gone is the fixed, 79-question Sales profile. Instead, the profile now asks a variable number of questions, which depend on the respondent's previous answers. In other words, the profile learns from the initial responses and adapts itself accordingly.

Why is this useful? Because it enables the Sales profile to hone in on areas of ambiguity or inconsistency and more thoroughly explore a particular aspect of the respondent's behavior. This leads to more accurate results. Alternatively, if a respondent demonstrates little ambiguity or inconsistency, the profile needs fewer questions to compile the results - which saves time for the respondent. Either way, it's a better outcome!

You'll notice that updated profile includes slightly different graphics and images, and we recommend that you update your DiSC Sales facilitation kit to reflect the new version of the assessment. To update your kit, just give us a call at 515.278.1292 and we'll take care of it. The update is free through July 30; afterwards, it costs $49.

For more information about adaptive testing, feel free to read our adaptive testing research report.

Jun 19, 2014

Reminder: DiSC certification in Chicago, July 23-24

PSA: Our next DiSC certification, July 23-24 in Chicago, is nearly full, but we do have a few spots available. Register online via our DiSC certification page. As a reminder, certification includes the DiSC facilitation kit of your choice, an EPIC account, and the DiSC profile of your choice.

Other upcoming dates and locations include:
  • August 5-6 in Minneapolis
  • August 6-7 in San Diego
  • September 16-17 in Minneapolis
  • October 28-29 in Minneapolis
  • December 9-10 in Minneapolis

Oct 2, 2013

More Cities Added for Work of Leaders Tour!

We have had such a great response to the Work of Leaders briefings held across the US, two additional locations on the East coast have been added!

Tuesday, November 12 – Cincinnati, OH
Crowne Plaza Cincinnati (map)

Tuesday, December 10 – Boston, MA
Boston Marriott Newton (map)

To register for either of these sessions, visit our Work of Leaders executive briefing page.